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A process pioneered by Gardiner Associates that dramatically shortens the coaching process. A participant and their manager will see results after an initial 90 minute session.


The keys are:















The Gardiner Guarantee


          No improvement          No fee


Best Candidates


  • High potentials requiring fine tuning

  • Directors, Managers, Supervisors, others seeking to enhance strengths

  • "Derailed" employees






Executive Coaching for the C-Suite is provided by the highly respected Senior Associates, Dr. Karol Wasylyshyn, Dr. Dennis O'Neill, and Tom Kaney.










Executive Asssessment is provided by Dr. Gil Hoffer.








  • Selection of highest priority development areas
  • "Simple" self-assessments
  • Specific action plans for immediate results
  • Candid feedback
  • Precise measurable skill enhancement goals
  • Quick follow-up
  • Three one-hour sessions to review Action Plan accomplishments and set new targets for improvements


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