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Workshop Objectives
Enhance the ability of participants to:
  • Fully appreciate the viewpoints of others
  • Create an atmosphere of candid conversations
  • Surface, not suppress important issues
  • Constructively deal with differences of opinion
  • Provide feedback in a non-threatening, personal way
  • Reach agreements that meet the interests of all parties
Guidelines for Constructing Candid Conversations
 ~ Examples of Exemplary Communicators ~ 
~ Dialogue versus Debate ~
~ Danger of "Avoiding" Issues ~
~ Moving from Polite Discussions to Productive Conversations ~
Mutual Gains Problem Solving
~ Drill to demonstrate your preferred conflict resolution style ~
~ Mini case application of "Win-Win" principles ~
(Based on the classic work of the Harvard Negotiation Project)
~ Address a real current issue in small teams ~
So, You Think You're a Pretty Good Listener?
~ 90% of people flunk this listening drill ~
Perspectives and Perceptions: Seeing Things from the Other's Viewpoint
~ Draw the Pig Exercise ~
~ Word Assocation Drill: I Say Car Salesman, You Say... ~
~ It Took Me 20 Years to Unlearn What You Taught Me ~
(The Incredible Power of Perceptions)
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